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Be careful when u driving around next to the road at 105km/h and playing with yr phone... :):):) or u have yr girlfriend do all the screenshots?




It's nice that Navigon shows the powerreserve of the phone. Strange that there is a problem with the roads. Both (Mavigon and Maps) use maps from NavTeQ. Occasionally I saw this problem of driving next to the road. It happened for 3 reasons as far as I could detect:

1) The road was moved in the last couple of months (new road).
2) There were reflections (high buildings) causing a spatial shift in coordinates.
3) Radio interference. There are a couple spots where when I drive there, my positions locks does very weird things. Like leaping a 100m to the left.
3) Software bug. The phone is confused. Sometimes after an hour or more Map seems to be able to get confused and give weird results. A reboot of Maps usually solves it.  Looks like it is having trouble reading out  the GPS data.

Note that my old Garmin GPS does not like being next to a GSM (20 cm or so). The GSM signals create weird data on the GPS antenna  and gives erroneous positiondata. I guess the Nokia solved this for the phone itself but other phones/signals might still confuse it.


Don't worry, not me, my girlfriend was driving with 105 km/h and I was taking care of the screenshots and the GPS. :-)

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